Welcome to the SISTAH Voices Website.

SISTAH Voices is an initiative of Taking Effective Action, Inc. (TEA) www.t-action.org and was founded by Dr. Gertie Loretta Hurley in 2010 as SISTAHS Circle (Its acronym SISTAHS meaning Sisters Inspiring Sisters to Activate Health Sense) as a fundraising arm of Taking Effective Action, Incorporated (TEA) to support the mission to educate and encourage women, girls, and families to make positive changes to their health. Dr. Hurley was diagnosed with hypertension as a teenager and as a result she began a lifelong quest to seek ways to improve her health and share information and educate others, especially African American women.

All of her experiences culminated in her expanding SISTAHS Circle to speak directly to African American women of all ages with an online voice of the SISTAH Voices Online Talk Show and the SISTAH Voices Online Quarterly eBook and Blog.